The Wonderful Benefits of Weighted Blankets & how to choose the right one for you!

Weighted Blanket


Weighted blankets can make a difference in the manner on how an individual sleep. It provides comfort throughout the night, as research shows that weighted blankets have a number of therapeutic and positive effects on hormones governing the central nervous system, it significantly improves a person’s mood and alleviates any stress and anxiety before and during sleep. It aids in different sleeping disorders which in turn boost mood and wellbeing in one’s day to day life.  

For a broader understanding on the benefits of using Weighted Blankets

  • Promotes Better Sleep 

The weight of the blanket puts pressure on the body as you sleep there under, simulating a sort of a heat hug. A weighted blanket can provide a deep pressure stimulation, that has been found to possess a comforting impression on the body and the mind as well. Deep pressure stimulation additionally facilitates the production of brain chemicals such as Dopamine and Serotonin which contribute to the onset of sleep. The warm feeling helps ease muscle tension as you lay down in bed. It also helps to reduce joint pains especially for people who suffers from medical joint and muscle conditions. 

  • Helps Minimize Anxiety

Anxiety affects many people everywhere regardless of age or gender. Knowing your triggers helps assist the individual to cope better during anxiety attacks and employing a weighted blanket helps in calming the central nervous system, this can be as a result of the soft pressure that a weighted blanket provides which resembles that of being hugged.

  • Helps in the Aid of ADHD patients 

In children and adults who have ADHD (attention-deficit hyperactive syndrome), the most prevalent sign that you’ll notice is the tendency to fidget, though, this symptom varies from one person to the other. A deep pressure stimulation provided by weighted blankets offers patients with ADHD to feel relaxed, this helps them to doze off much quicker than other conventional treatments provided. 

  • Reduces symptoms of restless leg syndrome 

For people who are diagnosed with restless leg syndrome, a condition that causes an overwhelming feeling to move the legs. Patients with RLS often feels a tingling sensation in the legs, this usually tend to happen a lot more at night while sitting or lying down in bed. This uncomfortable sensation results to difficulty in sleeping or fall asleep. Employing a weighted blanket could facilitate in reducing the symptoms of RLS thanks to the pressure it provides to the legs.

How to select a Weighted Blanket for Adults?

It is wise to choose the right weighted blanket particularly if you have sleeping disorders or have difficulty falling asleep. Since there are many choices in the market, you need to know the most appropriate for your needs. Here’s a straightforward list to help you find the correct blanket that can assist you in getting that good night’s sleep. 

  • Choose the Right Weight 

A weighted blanket depends on its heaviness to bring pressure on the body to assist in providing comfort to the body. We encourage individuals to start out with the lighter types of weighted blankets. You can also try to fall between one in all from lightweight to the heavy weighted blankets. As a general insight, you should pick one that is 10% of your bodyweight. Second, is to choose a reasonable pressure that you like. You can select one that's either light-weight or dense heavy-duty blankets depending on your preference. If you prefer deep touch massage, you can select a heavier one which ranges from 16 to 20 pounds.

Blanket Weight

      10-12 lbs.

      12-14 lbs.

      14-16 lbs.

      16-18 lbs.

      18-20 lbs. 

  • Choose the right Size

Size is another factor to take into consideration in choosing the right weighted blanket for you. Choose one that’s large enough to cover the mattress with a few additional inches to wrap around the sides and bottom of the mattress. 

  • The right Price

It is reasonable to be cautious in purchasing adult weighted blanket once you see the cost, however, there are a lot of low-cost weighted blankets worth buying that’s not compromising on quality of the product.

In Conclusion:

A growing number of people are discovering the special benefits of weighted blankets and considering them as a good alternative for conventional medications and treatment. By encouraging the body’s natural hormones, weighted blankets can effectively help calm the body and mind.

In general, the deep pressure stimulation from weighted blankets provides a comforting and soothing effect that encourages good sleep. This allows a restless and anxious person to get the sleep they need. For people who suffers from painful physical conditions or disorders, weighted blankets can dramatically change a person’s mode given that sufficient rest they need for them to wake up refreshed and ready to face a new day.